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Grain Audio: Craftsman Quality Wood Speakers, Earbuds and Headphones

You buy a speaker to listen to your music, not to listen to the speaker.  This seems simple enough but it is a fact often overlooked. For us however, understanding this relationship between you, your music and your gear is fundamental to how we design and engineer our products.

 We take a simple stripped down approach to functionality and aesthetics.  You will not find our products overloaded with unnecessary features or designed with a heavy hand. These things don’t add to your listening experience and, in fact, they detract from it.  Rather we focus producing clear, balanced sound that doesn’t stray from the artists original intent.  We then package this sound in objects that are simple to use, physically engaging and made to compliment any environment.

 We do this because we believe that anything extraneous takes away from the connection with your music.  It degrades the moment when music engages you and re-kindles a memory, pulls on your heartstrings or otherwise transports you away from “now”... for even a moment.  This is what listening to music is about and getting you there is a job we take seriously.

Grain Audio: Wood Speakers, Earbuds and Headphones