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IEHP - Wooden In Ear Headphones IEHP - Wooden In Ear Headphones IEHP - Wooden In Ear Headphones IEHP - Wooden In Ear Headphones

IEHP - Wooden In Ear Headphones

$99.00 USD

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IEHP - Wooden In Ear Headphones


It's wonderful stuff. There’s a reason it’s used in its solid form on the best acoustic instruments in the world... It just sounds better. It looks great too. Each pair of IEHP's feature solid wood, grain matched enclosures.


We pair each enclosure with our proprietary driver that features a Neodymium magnet and a CCAW voice coil. Go ahead and translate that to "AWESOME". Awesome sound that is balanced to give you a better listening experience than anything else on the market.


Like all of our products, the design of the IEHP is an exercise in purpose and restraint. The silicone strain relief protects the wood housing and is comfortable on the ear and to the touch. The inline mic is simple and intuitive to use. There are no unnecessary flourishes or extraneous details.

but don't just take our word for it...

From The Pros

"...these do have seriously impressive sound for your standard IEHP."

"Unlike the ubiquitous white iPod earbuds, the design Grain Audio's in-ear headphones are stylish without being ostentatious. It starts with its gray cables which blend and complement well with most dark business casual outfits. If they impress onlookers on the street or subway, it'll be due to the solid wood housing. You can even impress curious strangers by saying the wood is FSC-certified."


IEHP - Wooden In Ear Headphones

Technical features

  • Housings constructed of FSC Certified Walnut with hand-applied oil finish
  • 2x8mm proprietary loudspeakers featuring Neodymium magnets and a CCAW voice coil
  • Inline mic and remote
  • TPE jacketed cable
  • 3.5mm jack

In the box

  • 4 pairs of eartips
  • Inline remote and mic
  • Documentation and brand book
  • Soft carrying case
  • GRAIN AUDIO IEHP Earphones