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PWS - Packable Wireless Speaker System PWS - Packable Wireless Speaker System PWS - Packable Wireless Speaker System PWS - Packable Wireless Speaker System

PWS - Packable Wireless Speaker System

$249.00 USD

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PWS - Packable Wireless Speaker System


Just say no to plastic. We use FSC certified solid walnut as the enclosure for the PWS, both for its acoustic and visual properties. Wood, simply stated, sounds better, delivering a warmer, natural sound. The unique grain patterns on each PWS literally make every single unit one of a kind, no two will ever be alike, which is why using solid wood is so much fun.


From the sound board to the speaker. Leveraging the professional sound tools of MaxxAudio® (created by Waves a recipient of a Technical GRAMMY Award®) which is found in many famous mixing boards, the PWS delivers music as it was intended to sound. No games or artificial enhancements, just the sweet sounds as they were meant to be heard. We also include both aptX® and AAC to ensure the highest quality audio standards.


We love things we want to touch and hold, and we know you will too. We’ve separated ourselves from the pack even further with the simple, elegant and timeless design of the PWS. It looks simple because it should be beautiful and easy to use, and that’s what it is.

but don't just take our word for it...

From The Pros

"Every aspect of the speaker was carefully conceived and implemented."
-Gear Diary

"To sum up, I’m impressed with this little speaker, and it’s currently my favorite Bluetooth travel speaker. "

"Solid walnut wood helps deliver a warmer sound than other plastic speakers, and, with the addition of neutral graphite speaker grills and buttons, you have an altogether pleasing package."
-Better Living Through Design

"...everything about the design oozes luxe without looking like it’s trying too hard."

"Those awkward docking stages are so last decade; there have been some serious advances in small, portable Bluetooth mini-speakers that boast long battery life and high-quality audio. And Grain Audio’s relatively new PWS may be the most handsome of the bunch."

"Much of Grain’s success has come from a trifecta of elements: high-end internal components, sleek minimalist design, and ease of use."

"The enclosure on the unit is milled from solid walnut (no plastics!) giving it the benefits of wood acoustics. But Grain Audio does not just win on looks alone. Their soundboard — the board inside the speaker that transmits and delivers the music we hear — features Wave’s MaxxAudio technology, a professional sound tool that lives within many of the mixing consoles that produce and output the music we love."

"A portable speaker is best when tossed in a backpack and trekked to the action. With a walnut enclosure that boosts acoustic quality and a silvery sleek frame, this 7-inch Bluetooth boom box is the perfect adventure date: Sturdy, loud and handsome."
-Wired Magazine, Guiltless Gift Guide, December 2013 [Print Edition]

"Indulge design-minded audiophiles with the Packable Wireless System, a Bluetooth speaker encased in solid walnut. It sounds as good as it looks."
-New York Post, Bright Ideas for Beautiful Spaces [Print Edition]

"...a depth and clarity that makes plastic competitors sound, yes, plastic." 
-Wall Street Journal (The Off Duty Fall 50, Product #45)

"A gorgeous, one-of-a-kind BlueTooth speaker for $249? Don’t mind if I do."
-The New York Times

"'s refreshing to see a speaker as refined and as beautiful as the $250 Grain Audio PWS."
-Wired Magazine (Things We Love: The Gear and Gadgets We Couldn’t Live Without This Summer)

"The PWS has a great sound, and it’s a noticeably classier speaker than most Bluetooth speakers we see..."
-Cult of Mac

"And when we put their Packable Wireless System to the test... the small speaker impressed us with its clarity of sound and simple, unassuming exterior."
-Cool Hunting

"Perhaps our favorite of the devices we sampled, think of the Grain Audio PWS as the indie darling of Bluetooth speakers...This speaker’s solid walnut wood paneling is classy as hell, and because the wood contains natural variations, no two units are the same."

PWS - Packable Wireless Speaker System

Technical features

  • FSC Certified Walnut with hand-applied oil finish
  • AAC Support
  • Bluetooth 3.0+A2DP with aptX® and AAC technology
  • Award-winning MaxxAudio sound processing by Waves recipient of a Technical GRAMMY award®
  • 2 x 2” proprietary loudspeakers
  • Proprietary passive radiator
  • Rechargeable LiN battery with 8 hours playtime
  • Patented Bass Isolation system
  • WxDxH- 7"x2 3/8"x3 1/8" (180mmx60mmx80mm)

In the box

  • Documentation and brand book
  • 1 5V AC adapter
  • 1 36” USB cable
  • 1 60” 3.5MM cable
  • carry pouch