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CULTURE:Orange Goblin Invades Santa Cruz

Friday night on October 4, 2013 one of the UKs best kept secrets came to the Catalyst Club in Santa Cruz CA. Orange Goblin, (an underground metal band who cares more about rocking out and partying then the typical so called ‘dark’ themes most people expect from metal) brought their unique brand of metal to the misfits of this small surf town. 

Working with a new album in the form of ‘A Eulogy For The Damned’ and it’s live counterpart ‘A Eulogy For The Fans’ Orange Goblin came through Santa Cruz and left the Catalyst soaked in sweat and booze. Setting the pace for the night with the throwback licks of Scorpionica from their Big Black Album, OG made it quite clear that they came to party.

Transitioning from the Big Black Album and roaring right into The Filthy and The Few off A Eulogy for The Damned, Orange Goblin had the crowd flying around in circles. With Orange Goblin fueling them with crunchy riffs and pulverizing drums the pit at the Catalyst grew steadily from a tiny twister into a massive cyclone sucking in everything around it and leaving a trail of destruction in its path. 

Playing for nearly 90 minutes touching on all their past hits and throwing down some new favorites The mighty Goblin turned this small surf town inside out. With sludgy grooves and rocking guitars Orange Goblin has captured the minds of rock and metal fans for nearly two decades. If Motorhead were still underground, they would sound like OG.