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CULTURE:A Conversation with Japanese rock band Guitar Wolf

This month on October 12 walking to theBottom of The Hill in San Francisco you could feel a chill in the air, and if the girl outside dressed in a Jake (Adventure Time!) costume was any indication it was one of the colder nights the bay had seen in a while. Inside the club however it was crammed to the walls with all the hip academy of arts students doing their best Ramones impressions, complete with motorcycle jackets and flowing black hair. Everyone of course was here to see the Japanese trio ‘Guitar Wolf.’

Guitar wolf took time to talk with us about their new album Beast Vibrator, and a little about their influences. Due to minimal English ability on Guitar Wolf, and a complete lack of Japanese ability on our side the interview wasn’t as involved as one would like, but we spliced in some clips of their live mayhem to make up for it. Enjoy, and make sure to keep an eye out for Guitar Wolf on tour now.

Unless you are an avid b-movie watcher or a follower of j-rock chances are you probably don’t know about Guitar Wolf, but this power threesome has been rocking the ring of fire for nearly 25 years. With their trademark ‘Jet Rock and Roll’ sound consisting of rapid power chords, firecracker drums and thundering bass.