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CULTURE:A Conversation with Hiran from Battlecross

At the start of their tour with Death Angeland 3 Inches of Blood, we sat down with Hiran from Battlecross live at Slims in San Francisco. Coming off insane performances during the summer's Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival,Battlecross has been killing it on the stage and gaining new fans with support from their new album "War of Will" all year.

Hiran shed some light on the start of the current formation of the band, along with how it felt to have fans come on tour with them during their Indie-go-go campaign to fund their travel with Mayhem. We even get a little insight as to where the Detroit natives are going next. Battlecross is still on tour with Death Angel and 3 Inches of Blood through November, and then will be playing some Christmas shows withGwar and some fellow Detroit Rockers!

If you havn’t seen Battlecross live yet, do yourself a favor and get out to one of their shows this tour, especially if you love thrash. You really can’t have a sweeter lineup than Death Angel3 Inches of Blood, and Battlecross!