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CULTURE:A Conversation with Gypsyhawk

A while back in September we interviewed Gypsyhawk at Slims in San Francisco while they were on tour with Scorpion Child. We touched on how the band formed, what their favorite classic rock albums are and even talked about their foray into the scary world of Indie-go-go. Check out the video below and get ready for some hilarious stoner commentary!

Now in their second touring year on ‘Revelry & Resilience’ (an album which VH1 Classic featured as their ‘Pick of The Week’ when it first came out) Gypsyhawk set off on tour with up and coming throwback rockers Scorpion Child. During a way too short opening set Gypsyhawk unleashed their new breed of retro-inspired ‘boogie metal’ and left the audience stunned at what they just witnessed. To say "If you weren't there you missed out" would be a major understatement. With the combination of, boot stomping guitar riffs, crunchy bass hits and flowing colored alcohol being projected on the walls behind them, you could have easily thought you were somehow magically transported back to the 60s and 70s.