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CULTURE:A Conversation with Leighton and Christian of Adventure Club

Shortly after Thanksgiving, on an icy evening in San Francisco, a horde of scantily dressed girls and their tank-top wearing male counterparts lined up and waited anxiously for the powerful dubstepduo that is Adventure Club. Fairly new to the scene, Leighton and Christian bring a refreshing authenticity to the land of ‘trust fund’ DJs.


Former emo/screamo rockers, Christian and Leighton (hailing from the far off land of Montreal), have infinitely more musical experience and talent then most one hit wonders coming out in the EDM world. For starters, Leighton has a Masters (yes, that kind of Masters) in Piano, and as Leighton often says, Christian might as well have a Masters in guitar.

This type of musical academic background becomes apparent when listening to the tracks that Adventure Club comes out with. Sure you have the standard, heavy bass drops, epic synth build ups and angelic vocals of many a dubstep song. But if you listen closely enough, you will find technical breakdowns and an intriguing mash-up of beats and melodies that you won’t find underneath your typical edm track.