Grain Audio




 We eat, breathe and sleep music. We spend most of our time looking to discover inspiration, whether that’s the latest great indie rock band, or a lesser known funk group from the ‘70s that we’ve just unearthed. Music is never background noise. We live it.


Great sound is an art form. In a world where listeners have become comfortable with “good enough” we’re saying screw mediocre and mundane, bring on crystal-clear solos and chest-thumping bass lines. We want you to hear and feel it all. Beautifully executed products seal the deal. With experience comes an understanding that clarity and quality make a difference. We examine each feature and detail to ensure that our underlying commitment to well-crafted, understandable products comes through. We keep doing that over and over until we get it right.


We take responsibility seriously - responsibility to our customer and to the community around us. We strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible, using recycled and sustainable materials wherever we can while offsetting where we cannot. We will also contribute a percentage of each sale to music and community related charities to help ensure future generations carry on our passion for music.


ROCK HARD. HAVE FUN. GIVE BACK. Grain Audio designs and builds products for people who love their music. We put our brand in their hands and homes so they can rock hard and look good doing it. Simply stated, our products look and sound incredible. Our priority is to put MUSIC, and not consumer electronics, first again.

To accomplish this, we take an intuitive and stripped down approach to engineering and design that is parallel to real rock n’ roll… music before image… function before form, AUTHENTIC.