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CULTURE:A Conversation with Les Racquet

The idea of home for Les Racquet is more a feeling these days than it is an actual place. Sure, they may have grown up in Massachusetts and hunkered down in Brooklyn for a bit, but for the past two-and-a-half years the trio has lived out of a mini-van touring the country.

After watching them play their genre-bending style of music, it's hard to believe they handle pretty much every logistical task that goes in to being a traveling band. There's no label funding their sonic odyssey, just them, their gear, and their reliable mini-van. Then again, it's either total commitment or sitting around playing the same shows in the same place. Fortunately for all the music fans scattered around the U.S., Les Racquet decided to expand their home territory.


Grain caught up with them back in February at The Rock Shop in Brooklyn. Check out the video below for a chat about the hazards of subway turnstiles and why music is a powerful thing.

Words/Interview by Joe Dimeck

Filmed and Edited by Drew Born

Produced by Joe Dimeck and Drew Born for Grain Audio