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"Sound-wise, these provide a great listening experience overall. We are going to go ahead and chalk it up to the fact that the headphone enclosures are crafted out of FSC-certified solid walnut, which seems to create a cool acoustic effect."
- VOLOGLAM 10-08-15

"If Grain Audio was aiming to achieve the clearest possible audio experience on a closed-back pair of headphones, they might just have achieved it – the OEHP are incredibly clear in all ranges."
- androidspin 10-04-15

The sound quality of these earphones is as clear as a church bell in the early morning. The 8mm driver reproduces the sound without emphasizing any ranges, which makes the sound of these earphones euphonious, even on maximum volume.
- Techicks 2-15-15

Wood is used in acoustic musical instruments because it makes them sound infinitely better and Grain Audio takes this fact to heart. The OEHP.01 is equipped with 2x40mm proprietary loudspeakers that feature Neodymium magnets and a CCAW voice coil – features that make the sound come out as natural as the artist intended.
- psfk 1-31-15

I was skeptical at first of how wood could make that much of a difference. It makes physics sense that a stronger material could make the sound hold and hit more natural tones. Words like "rich", "powerful", and "encapsulating" don't begin to explain the sound that these simply designed (not to say the science behind them was simple...) in-ear headphones produce.
- The Game & Gadget Grader 1-23-15

Do you like bass? Do you like good sound? How about damn good looks? Grain Audio has a perfect set of earbuds for you.
- ROOBLA.COM 12-31-14

These headphones have set a new standard for me when it comes to sound quality.
[Techpicks rating 5 out of 5 stars]
- Techpicks 12-07-14

The Grain Audio OEHP.01 Solid Wood Headphones ($199) should definitely be on your shortlist if your looking for a set of great looking, great sounding headphones. Wood is used in instruments because it imparts the best sound over any other material. And for that same reason Grain uses only FSC certified solid walnut enclosures in their headphones.
- 12-03-14

The natural sound response is not too heavy in the base or mid-range, which is music to our ears.
- inhabitat green gift guide 12-03-14

If you are looking for a new pair of headphones that sound great, don’t look like every other pair of bright plastic headphones, and won’t break the bank, then you owe it to yourself to check out the Grain Audio OEHP over-the-ear headphones....these headphones exude class, offer serious comfort and, best of all, they sound great.
- Gear Diary 11-26-14

Where to look for stylish and great sounding headphones for acoustic instruments and, uh hmm, REAL, vocals? Grain Audio OEHP headphones are the answer to those needs, friends.
- Twang Nation 11-26-14

Headphones these days are either over packed with features or over packed with design. Finding a pair that balances the two is quite difficult. When Grain Audio announced their Over Ear Headphones (OEHP.01), we at Yanko Design got quite excited, because here was a pair that offered impeccable acoustics, superb design and a complete Sonic Experience. The equation balances just beautifully!
- Yanko Design 11-24-14

For starters, the OEHP headphones look great. The enclosures are crafted from grain-matched solid walnut, cushioned with plush, form-fitting ear cushions and a cushioned headband, making them some of the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever worn....I can’t say enough good things about these headphones. They offer clean and ear-pleasing sound, comfort, style and substance in a single package that’s not overpriced or overdone in any way. I highly recommend them.
- technabob 11-23-14

Every aspect of the speaker was carefully conceived and implemented.
- Gear Diary 3-25-14

A work of art, the PBS employs thick, polished walnut, which not only adds mass, but class as these speakers blend perfectly with every environment. At the same time, the metal grill and all around technological perfection produce crystal clear sound.
- man of many 3-21-14

...these do have seriously impressive sound for your standard IEHP.
- DopiesLife 3-21-14

To sum up, I’m impressed with this little speaker, and it’s currently my favorite Bluetooth travel speaker.
- Technabob 3-21-14

Solid walnut wood helps deliver a warmer sound than other plastic speakers, and, with the addition of neutral graphite speaker grills and buttons, you have an altogether pleasing package.
- Better Living Through Design 3-18-14

This sleek, stunning and unique set of speakers housed in FSC certified solid walnut to achieve perfect and consistent acoustics.
- stupidDOPE 3-03-14

They feature the very best acoustic components & one-of-a-kind construction highlighted by walnut wood paneling.
- 3-01-14

Part of Grain Audio’s Kickstarter-funded launch lineup, these wooden bookshelf speakers are based on hand-built models used in professional venues.
- 3-01-14

Everyone understands that solid speaker cases produce the best sound. With these speakers you get a natural frequency curve that creates music as the artists intended.
- 3-01-14

...the Grain Audio Passive Bookshelf Speakers combine the aesthetics of solid wood with the performance of professional-grade speakers.
- 2-28-14

...everything about the design oozes luxe without looking like it’s trying too hard.
- Sound&Vision 2-28-14

Each pair is enveloped in FSC-certified solid walnut and a metal grill, boasting a natural sound curve that helps preserve sound as the artist-intended, something that’s too much to hope for with certain other popular brands.
- 2-27-14

Grain Audio's new Passive Bookshelf System is built to party hard.
- 2-26-14

In contrast to its plasticky peers, this 7″-wide Bluetooth speaker is wrapped in solid walnut.
- contemporary culture and music 1-12-14

At the end of the day the PWS - The Packable Wireless System is by far the best portable speaker I have heard and I highly recommend snagging one.
- 1-11-14

Unlike the ubiquitous white iPod earbuds, the design Grain Audio's in-ear headphones are stylish without being ostentatious. It starts with its gray cables which blend and complement well with most dark business casual outfits. If they impress onlookers on the street or subway, it'll be due to the solid wood housing. You can even impress curious strangers by saying the wood is FSC-certified.
- 1-03-14

Those awkward docking stages are so last decade; there have been some serious advances in small, portable Bluetooth mini-speakers that boast long battery life and high-quality audio. And Grain Audio’s relatively new PWS may be the most handsome of the bunch.

Much of Grain’s success has come from a trifecta of elements: high-end internal components, sleek minimalist design, and ease of use.
- 12-17-13

The enclosure on the unit is milled from solid walnut (no plastics!) giving it the benefits of wood acoustics. But Grain Audio does not just win on looks alone. Their soundboard — the board inside the speaker that transmits and delivers the music we hear — features Wave’s MaxxAudio technology, a professional sound tool that lives within many of the mixing consoles that produce and output the music we love.
- 12-16-13

A portable speaker is best when tossed in a backpack and trekked to the action. With a walnut enclosure that boosts acoustic quality and a silvery sleek frame, this 7-inch Bluetooth boom box is the perfect adventure date: Sturdy, loud and handsome.
- Wired Magazine, Guiltless Gift Guide, December 2013 [Print Edition]

Indulge design-minded audiophiles with the Packable Wireless System, a Bluetooth speaker encased in solid walnut. It sounds as good as it looks.
- New York Post, Bright Ideas for Beautiful Spaces, 11-28-13 [Print Edition]

What was once a Kickstarter project is now one of the most in-demand portable noisemakers on the scene. Grain Audio’s sound machine merges function with style, presenting impressive highs and sharp acoustical range in a gorgeous, minimalist walnut enclosure. Expect high-quality sonics across all music genres.
- Complex 11-06-13

It’s truly refreshing to see a company like Grain Audio making tracks within the industry, focusing on function before form and putting the music first. Do yourself a favour and lose your toaster-alarm-clock-coffee-speakers and invest in something designed purely for the love of music.
- bubblefed 11-06-13

Great sound quality – one of the best we’ve experienced on a compact wireless system. Looks really impressive with its walnut wood grain finish. Also, looks like a piece of furniture and not a clumsy wireless Bluetooth speaker.
- ChipChick 11-03-13

The result is crystal-clear clarity-you’ll feel like you’re hearing music for the first time. Gorgeous design, incredible quality- Grain Audio is completely committed to your listening experience.
- SweetRelish 11-02-13

...are selling something truly remarkable: a hand-crafted 7-inch-wide, 3-inch tall and deep Bluetooth speaker with less surface area than a brick yet sounds better than many high-end bookshelf speakers.
- pandodaily 10-14-13's refreshing to see a speaker as refined and as beautiful as the $250 Grain Audio PWS.
- Wired Magazine (Things We Love: The Gear and Gadgets We Couldn’t Live Without This Summer) 09-17-13

...a depth and clarity that makes plastic competitors sound, yes, plastic.
- Wall Street Journal (The Off Duty Fall 50, Product #45) 09-14-13

With four different products in their collection thus far, they have successfully created substantial products that look as good as they sound.
- If It's Hip, It's 08-05-13

The PWS Bluetooth wireless speaker leverages the Grammy Winning Waves MaxxAudio suite found in many famous mixing boards, which aims to deliver music as it was intended to sound. In addition, both Apt-X and AAC codecs are accepted to ensure the highest quality audio standards.
- 07-27-13

Grain Audio, a new company..., is covering its bookshelf speakers and earphones in wood, an aesthetic it hopes will appeal to both sexes.
- The New York Times 07-24-13

Grain Audio is making audio products, including the Packable Wireless System (PWS), that look as great on a Saarinen table as they sound — and because they’re portable they don’t need to be worked into the design of a room...A gorgeous, one-of-a-kind BlueTooth speaker for $249? Don’t mind if I do.
- The New York Times 07-23-13

Perhaps our favorite of the devices we sampled, think of the Grain Audio PWS as the indie darling of Bluetooth speakers...This speaker’s solid walnut wood paneling is classy as hell, and because the wood contains natural variations, no two units are the same.
- Maxim 06-24-13

The founders at Grain believe great sound is an art form and it’s what they are looking to deliver to listeners once their home speaker, over ear headphones, and buds go on sale. We especially like the classic wood grain design.
- From NY to Paris 04-29-13

But unlike other companies, everything is engineered and designed in-house with real walnut wood. This includes the dope Passive Bookshelf Speaker that's been featured in some of the country's best music halls.
- 04-24-13

Where most other speakers use cheap wood-painted or wood-like paneling, the Bluetooth-capable Grain PWS is remarkably study, using a thick wood frame to properly house and amplify the internal speaker.
- NVision 04-08-13

Up and coming consumer audio player Grain Audio is crafting speakers that look as great as they sound.
- Details Insider 04-05-13

With incredible sound and beautiful design this portable Bluetooth speaker really stands out in a crowd. With enough sound to fill your living room, but small enough to take to your spring BBQ. PWS is more than just a speaker, it's a work of art, hand crafted from natural materials.
- Desire This 04-04-13

The simple fact is that products are only as good as what they accomplish, and with Bluetooth speakers that's the quality and presence - aka volume - of the music they blast out. Grain's Packable Wireless System, or PWS, isn't short on either...
- Gear Hungry 03-28-13

Solid walnut and metal quality, not plastic crap, is the message from the Packable Wireless System (PWS) by Grain Audio... Sleek and simple on the eye, clear and powerful in the ear, it’s a speaker keeper.
- MOCOLOCO 03-28-13

Grain Audio lets you focus on the things that matter, pure sound and premium design.
- 03-26-13

Grain Audio's new line of minimalist, solid wood speakers and headphones designed for those who "just truly love music", so, don't even think about buying 'em if you "just sort of tolerate" it.
- Thrillist 03-26-13

Grain puts the speaker first, letting function inform structure no matter how or where you intend to pump up the volume.
- Cool Hunting 03-22-13

The Jambox — the category-definer, and up til now our favorite all-around Bluetooth speaker– sounded positively weak compared to the room-filling PWS.
- Cult of Mac 03-01-13