Grain Audio

:Interview with Langhorne Slim

Langhorne Slim’s live show is both controlled and wild, like fire in a can. Given Slim’s affinity for punk and blues music, it’s easy to see how such a sonic dichotomy would exist. And similar to the common themes of both genres, Slim’s lyrics often deal with struggle and conflict while the music invokes a feeling of triumph. In April, he brought The Law (his able-handed band) to the newly re-opened Rough Trade in Brooklyn, NY for the Grain Audio showcase.
We met up in the green room, had a conversation, filmed it, cut it down to a little over twenty minutes, then cut it down to around five minutes just in case you only got a little time. Don’t worry though. You can view the extended cut on the Grain YouTube page located right here: **
words/interview by Joe Dimeck
Filmed and edited by Alex Bacon