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PBS - Passive Bookshelf Speaker System PBS - Passive Bookshelf Speaker System PBS - Passive Bookshelf Speaker System PBS - Passive Bookshelf Speaker System

PBS - Passive Bookshelf Speaker System

$799.00 USD

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PBS - Passive Bookshelf Speaker System


We love it. We use FSC certified solid walnut in each pair of speakers as a key element in the design and detailing of the PBS.  The walnut is used to add mass to each speaker while also isolating the metal grill from the acoustical enclosure.  The walnut is mated to a solid MDF enclosure ensuring the acoustics are perfect and the same every time. Using walnut for the grain matched tops on the PBS also makes each pair totally unique, just another reason using solid wood is so much fun.


Its natural sound curve means the music translates exactly as the artist intended. Anything from Bob Dylan to Jay-Z will come through crisp and clear. The craftsman-quality design, allows owners to display them with pride. No more “blending in”, the passive bookshelf units will become a focal point of the room and something you can show off with great pride.


Originally constructed by hand and designed for artist dressing rooms in venues like The Capitol Theater and Terminal 5, the Grain Audio Passive Bookshelf System redefines the future of home audio.


but don't just take our word for it...

From The Pros

"A work of art, the PBS employs thick, polished walnut, which not only adds mass, but class as these speakers blend perfectly with every environment. At the same time, the metal grill and all around technological perfection produce crystal clear sound. "
-man of many

"This sleek, stunning and unique set of speakers housed in FSC certified solid walnut to achieve perfect and consistent acoustics."

"They feature the very best acoustic components & one-of-a-kind construction highlighted by walnut wood paneling."

"Part of Grain Audio’s Kickstarter-funded launch lineup, these wooden bookshelf speakers are based on hand-built models used in professional venues."

"Everyone understands that solid speaker cases produce the best sound. With these speakers you get a natural frequency curve that creates music as the artists intended."

"...the Grain Audio Passive Bookshelf Speakers combine the aesthetics of solid wood with the performance of professional-grade speakers."

"Each pair is enveloped in FSC-certified solid walnut and a metal grill, boasting a natural sound curve that helps preserve sound as the artist-intended, something that’s too much to hope for with certain other popular brands."

"Grain Audio's new Passive Bookshelf System is built to party hard."

"We appreciate that the flawless acoustics are just as rich and warm as the aesthetics."
-This Old House: Top 100 Best New Home Products

PBS - Passive Bookshelf Speaker System

Technical features

  • FSC Certified Walnut finish panels with hand applied oil finish
  • 25-75watts max RMS power handling
  • 5.25"midbass woofer
  • Bass reflex enclosure
  • Rubber feet for table top mounting
  • WxDxH- 14"x9 1/2"x7 1/2" (356mmx242mmx190mm

In the box

  • Documentation and brand book
  • 1 pair GRAIN AUDIO PBS.01